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Was there a worldwide flood?

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During the past 6 months of studying the bible, our origin, and many other topics, I have grown more and more stronger in believing there was a universal flood. Not only cause the bible says so, but from possible evidence around the world.

Let me paint a picture from you, which you can look up and gather for yourself in the Bible…… When God created the earth, in the atmosphere there was a great sea. Lets say that this sea was like a protective layer around the world, which stops any harmful UV rays (allowing us to walk naked and not get burnt) as well as it created a higher pressure system as well. If you look up these experiments you will see, by having an aquarium kept under pressure, your fish grow massive. If you greenhouse was kept in a higher pressure you vegetables and plants grown massive. This would make sense as the bible talks about very large people in history, such as Goliath. Perhaps even the Egyptian slaves that built the pyramids where this big? Back to the picture….now also in the earth under the surface of the earth, was a similar seas, underground providing from below everything needed above for nourishment. This is why, to the people of Noah – Rain was not heard of. There was a faint mist that cooled the air, but I don’t think this would have been enough unless something else was around to give the plants and tree water…

Any how, we now have a big sea above and below, which makes the passage about water pouring from above and coming through the earth and flooding the earth! This would have been a very huge and heavy amount of water, capable of ripping up anything. You only have to look at water under high pressure, what it is capable of cutting through! So looking at the grand canyons, this was easy to form with that amount of water.

So Noah – built a boat, capable of holding his family and 2 of every kind of unclean animal and more of the clean animals on board. So where is it? has it been found through archeology? Well I believe so…. there was an excavation team that believe they have found it… they even have DVD’s available telling the story and showing the pictures and showing the evidence. Well I have seen it, and it is worth watching. It is accurate to the bible and is in the right spot….lets say, I cannot think of anything else that would fit the description of what they found. Have a look over at their website for information – If you are in South Africa, I will send you a copy of the DVD for free so you can see it all for yourself.

This rapid amount of water covering the earth would explain how many of the fossils, oil, bones, trees are found in many strange places. It also gives us an understanding of major weather changes. If you have that much rain all over the world, then tidal temperature would change and bring on rapid cooling and heating in certain regions….that is how we find Mammoths with recently eaten food in its stomach, it was frozen very rapidly, like an instant ice age….. this could only be possible if there was a global weather change, such as a universal flood. I could go on for hours on this, but would sooner let you do the research. Here are a couple of good sites to get you going on this subject!

If this event was true, then the rest surely must be in the bible as well!



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