Natural Selection or New Kinds?

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Plants and animals were originally created with large gene pools within created kinds. A large gene pool gives a created kind the genetic potential (the potential to produce a variety of types within a kind) to adapt to a variety of ecosystems and ensure the survival of that kind of organism through natural selection.

Genetic potential can best be understood by observing the large number of dog breeds. There are many shapes, sizes, and colors of dogs, illustrating the tremendous genetic potential in this kind of animal. Other kinds of plants and animals have similar potential to produce variety within a created kind.

Natural selection can only operate on the genetic material already present in a population of organisms. It cannot create new genetic information and subsequently change one kind of organism into another. You cannot mix a dog with a cat as they are two different “Kinds of Animals” but you can mix a German Shepard with a poodle, although that would be something quite funny to look at, it is possible. You have a “Gerpoo” your own unique breed! It is still a dog!

Another good example is a Liger. A cross between a lion and a tiger. Is this evolution? NO its crossbreeding with its own “Kind” the cat family. But you could keep liger’s with ligers and eventually you would have hundreds of thousands of ligers world wide that future evolutionists would claim is evolution!!


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4 Responses to “Natural Selection or New Kinds?”

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does it not mean that the more dominant gene is the one who comes out on top which will give the creature is greater defining characteristics. i dunno, this is my first attemp at posting on a blog

its not evolution per say. its just a dominant gene within the two species that are more obviously present, it does not mean there is a new creature. and as far as im concerned, cross breading is just as wrong as doing your sister

You could say that yes, it is almost a survival of the fittest.
You see, we are degenerative. We were once a very strong, healthy, fit race, but as sin crept in and started destroying things, so did it our imune systems, genes and DNA. As the environemnt changed, so did our bodies. We have neber evolved, but in fact did the opposite, we switched off genes. We have switched off some organs too, like the appendix for example. We once used this organ, probably was because we changed our diet as time went by and no longer do we use it. I am not a doctor, but can tell you that there is lots of evidence now available that shows that due to environmental changes, we have “Adapted” than evolved. We have never become a differnt “Kind” just a watered down version of our orriginal self… if that makes sense?

Yes, dominant genes will survive and create who we are in appearance today!
Thanks for the comment

Correct…. If you mix a poodle and a Pit-bull for instance – you end up with a Dangerous ball of fluff almost…. But not a new “kind of animal”……
Yes cross breeding with your sister today will cause many problems genetically. Besides the moral implications, you are created a dangerous combination of DNA. This often causes deformity of some sort. You will find that this is more the case now as we are a weaker species, but back in the days of Noah, this was possible in order to reproduce effectively. Now that we have many cancers, deformities and weak Genes in the human body, you are mixing a combination destined for destruction!

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