Millions of years old…….

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Where have you heard this before? Millions of years ago, there was……

Have you ever wondered, how the scientists of today have come to the conclusion that a bone / rock / fossil that has been found is “millions” of years old? I have always liked it when they put emphasis on it by saying something like, here is a bone from a dinosaur that lived 20 million 465 thousand years ago. OK, where you there? Is there a diary of it that has also been discovered?

No, how they “Guess” or “Assume” this is as follows:

One of the most notable problems with the fossil record is related to how fossils are dated. Like many “sciences” dealing with evolution, there are sweeping generalizations and assumptions applied. Typically, two types of dating are used—radiocarbon and associative. The first and most known, radiocarbon dating, measures the ratio of non-radioactive carbon (carbon-12) to radioactive carbon (carbon-14) to determine the age of the object. In summary, scientists have discovered that when cosmic rays come into contact with earth’s atmosphere, they react with nitrogen-14 and create carbon-14. In turn, carbon-14 then reacts with oxygen, producing carbon dioxide. Plants take in carbon dioxide. Animals in turn consume plants, ingesting the carbon dioxide. When plants and animals die, their decay changes carbon-14 back into nitrogen-14. And hence, the cycle continues. For example, a sample of petrified wood could be measured. When it was alive, the wood would have had a similar ratio of carbon-14 to carbon-12 as the air surrounding it. However, when it died, decomposition would slowly release carbon-14 into the air, while the carbon-12 remained constant. If a scientist knew the ratio of carbon-14 to carbon-12 in the air when a tree was alive, and the rate at which carbon-14 was released from the sample, he could theoretically calculate its age. Scientists have generally assumed that the ratio of these isotopes has remained constant in the atmosphere. The problem? Evidence demonstrates dramatic shifts in the ratio! Notice: “Not only then has open system behaviour of these isotopes been demonstrated, but apparent ‘isochrons’ and their derived ‘ages’ are invariably geologically meaningless. Thus none of the assumptions used to interpret the U-Th-Pb radiometric system used to yield ‘ages’ can be valid” (A.A. Snelling, “U-Th-Pb ‘Dating’: An example of False ‘Isochrons’,” Third International Conference on Creationism). No matter how loud the confusing and misguided attempts to explain away the variations of these isotopes, there are variations. Findings are cross-referenced with items that have already been improperly dated. It allows them to declare the radiocarbon date “reasonable,” based on previous finds, which are also based on other finds. And so the cycle continues. This is problematic because most samples used for comparison were also dated using radiocarbon! Remembering the logical fallacies covered in Part One, this is a perfect example of “begging the question.” Basing a conclusion on an assumption is not only unscientific, it is dishonest! For the last century, science has used radiocarbon analysis to create a flawed chart on which to compare other finds. When a new fossil is discovered, it is compared to existing fossils at that stratum. It is assumed that millennia of time compressed the strata and, therefore, all fossils found at a particular layer are of similar age. Faulty radiocarbon tests further “validate” the date and the sample is used as proof.

So you see, this is very inaccurate and blatantly in some ways a complete lie! Another way they “Guess” the age of something is compare it to another lie…. The dig up a fossil, then look into their own database of false information or collection of rocks from the so called “Same era” and estimate an age!

So are dinosaurs and the fossils that have been discovered millions of years old?

I have an answer:

6000 years ago, God Created heaven and earth, and about 4400 years ago there was a massive flood. This flood rapidly buried and killed off all life on earth, petrifying and decomposing all things under earth, rock and debris.


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