Let’s Start With a Bang!!!

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Well seeing that so many people claim everything starting with some sort of miraculous bang, I think I should start there. According to most, of not all evolutionist and atheist based beliefs, yup, beliefs, everything started from nothing, the size smaller than the tip of a needle, exploded into everything we have now. Then over billions of years things evolved into what we have here now. So basically from a spinning “nothing”, everything just happened? OK…..Well if  a spinning “Nothing” exploded and created the planetary system, star system and the rest of the celestial bodies, then why do some moons and planets spin a different direction to the rest? A person of science should know that Angular momentum would keep the original spin of things and apply it to all the rest of the bodies in space. Also if you take a quick look and the distance we are at now from the sun, perfect for plantation and animal life to exist……that if we were closer to the sun just a few kilometres we would burn up and die, or a couple of kilometres further from the sun we would freeze up and die. Isn’t it interesting that it is perfectly balanced. So Mr Evolution, are you telling me it took millions of years for the distance to be perfect between the earth and the sun to allow life. Then was it hotter when the dinosaurs walked the earth? why is there not geological evidence that the earth was once on fire from the heat of the sun? Why is it getting hotter around the world each year instead of cooling down, as we are supposed to be moving away from the sun? I have another theory!

About 6000 years ago, God Created the heavens and the earth! Gen 1:1.


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